Stir Fried Live Performances

The Tin Angel.
Live performance at The Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA, 2/14/1998, with Buddy Cage, Vassar Clements & Commander Cody

The Georgia Theater.
Live performance at The Georgia Theater, Athens, GA, 10/7/98. with Buddy Cage, Vassar Clements & Reverend Jeff Mosier

Le Bar Bat.
Live performance at Le Bar Bat, New York City, NY, 4/99, with Buddy Cage & the Harris Brothers Horns

Stir Fried, debut album, 1997

I Know There’s Someone Else

Jesse Jane

Thanks for Nothin

Bug Jam


Love and Peace

Collection Box

Ever Lovin Woman

Beaten Path 2, featuring Derek Trucks

Hoe Bus

Stir Fried Live. ElectraFried featuring Vassar Clements, 1998

Intro | Summer | Jones | Hey Pockey Way | Jones

Dead Flowers

Walkin’ the Dog

Get the Money

Steel Cage Seranade

Turn on Your Lovelight

Stir Fried with Buddy Cage. Last of the Blue Diamond Miners, 2000


Nothing to Do

Blood Brother

West of the Mississippi


Road Trip to Marist

Black Dress

The Door Is Still Open

Let It Be Known

Sex Machine

Last of the Blue Diamond