Vinnie is the percussionist for Stir Fried; he was there at the very Genesis of the band. He knows the roots of this band better than anyone. He also lends his business abilities to the mindboggling and time-consuming tasks of handling the lion's share of Stir Fried's PR, fanbase fidelity & road managing. Started playing drums at 10 and got into the marching band and fundamental rock 'n' roll class in high school; went to college at Miami-Dade studying jazz and performing arts. In the 2 yrs. at Miami-Dade and sticking around to play locally for 2 more yrs., all the time boyhood friend & sometimes lyrical co-writer with Johnny, Vince began supporting himself by doing cooking jobs, still playing, still having fun. Tommy Kaye (Johnny's dad) was still alive and he & Johnny were collaborating like crazy on tunes in a band called Crystal Creek..."while I was having to get serious about some kind of career. I ended up attending the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY with money I'd earned in Florida, started working major chef gigs in Manhattan". Vince went back home to Bergen County, NJ and Rockland County, NY aside Johnny, in and out of various band incarnations, both trying to find something that would stick. All the while directionally soaking up JGB & Grateful Dead shows, hitting nearly a couple hundred GD concerts! Jo Jo Hipster became the next morph-step in band formation. Towards it's demise in late 1991 Jan London came in with Vince soon following, committed & eagerly impressed with the original tunes that were being created. SHAZZAMMM!!!----------STIR FRIED. If you are entering the musical planishere of Stir Fried and wish to get involved intimately, Vince will be the contact.