An accomplished drummer, Johnny can be found playing his kit these days with The New Riders of the Purple Sage and Stir Fried. When not on the road with The NRPS, Johnny works with his band, Stir Fried, and plays with various artists in many styles. Songwriting is also in his blood.  His father, Thomas Jefferson Kaye, was a legendary producer and songwriter in the 1960s and 1970s. 

Markowski’s band, Stir Fried, known for its blend of swamp groove, psychedelic improvisational music performs signature versions of Kaye masterpieces in addition to Markowski originals.  The group has recorded and performed with the likes of Dr. John, Vassar Clements (Old & In The Way), Commander Cody, Buddy Cage (NRPS), Jo Jo Herman (Widespread Panic), Bernie Worrell (P Funk, Talking Heads), Derek Trucks (Allman Bros. Band) and Tony Trischka. Recently held a contest for the most impressive drummer/percussionist, and after two weeks of voting Markowski won hands down, beating out some pretty heavy competition.

Writing poems in rhythm always seemed to come easy; all that started happening to me when I was...oh, I dunno..maybe 11 or 12" Uhnnn-HUNNNH! Right! (Easy!) Yeah!

Well, what else are ya gonna do when something you love this much comes easy? Man, you just go with it! And that's exactly what Johnny Markowski continued to do. The result? Hundreds of complete, quality, original songs have poured out of this young guy, even before he was able to actualize his dreams with the dynamism, commitment and passionate, musical interpretation by the superb musicians who became attracted to this Stir-Fried-Thing. First, Vince & Jan, Joanne & James-Alvin, Lacinak & later on, Buddy.

This movement had to grow in only an ascending direction and in gigantic leaps with each addition to the band. Some guys had to go, having completed their work; to be replaced with assiduously selected, hand-picked, auditioned and rehearsed, heavy-calibre players. New mission? Extra-Galactic, thank you very much!!

[Buddy Cage:] "I knew from the first four bars of music we ever played together, that this was gonna be a total-immersion project! It was love-at-first-listen! NURSE!!! Frankly, I was missing and desperately seeking, the environment that I loved and was lost, from the NRPS/Grateful Dead family. Stir Fried has a lot of those elements and early charm.

"These free-electrons, these SF kids, are creating, with Johnny's tunes, Vincent's commitment, Jan's grooves & Buddy's arrangements, it's a kind of music which requires a little work from a participating audience - a thought & feeling transfer is expected and invited (you're familiar with the expression "...more power to ya!").

[Johnny M:] "We've got three different bassists working with us at different times, you know, whenever their work-loads allow for it. Kinda keeps everybody on their toes, ears open...that sorta's all about grooves that we get into and that changes dramatically with each bass player! And I've got this "gift" from my Dad, writing these, I grew up hearing all of his stuff...couldn't get it out of my head...didn't want to...can't stop now!"