I started my journey with Stir Fried about 19 years ago.  A friend invited me to a loose jam at a local recording studio.  I enjoyed the players, but was more impressed with the original tunes we played.  About a year later, fresh out of a 2 year stint with a hardworking local blues band, I got a call from Johnny.  He was putting a new band together, and wanted to know if I was interested.  I was, and this started my long term involvement in Stir Fried.  I dug both Johnny's original tunes, as well as being exposed to the incredible talent of Johnny's dad, Thomas Jefferson Kaye.  Kaye's music still ranks as some of my favorite tunes to listen to and play.  Stir Fried is based loosely around an early Kaye band, White Cloud.  It featured swampy grooves, nasty lead guitars, sweet fiddle, and female vocals.

I am proud to have shared the stage for over 100 gigs with fiddle master, Vassar Clements.  Another legend to flow into Stir Fried was pedal steel ace Buddy Cage.  Playing with such talent can really elevate your playing.  I'm proud to have experienced genuine magic on stage with these world class musicians.

My roots are Chicago and Texas blues, but was also influenced by funk, soul, country, bluegrass, and folk (a mixture I call "good music").  Stir Fried's diverse roots and songs gave me an open canvas to groove and improvise over.  Our old school vibe has attracted such world class musicians as Buddy Cage, Vassar Clements, Dr. John, Bernie Worrell, Derek Trucks, Tony Trischka, Buzzy Lindhart, Leo Nocentelli, Jo Jo Hermann, and John Popper.  Some were live collaborations, some were recordings, and some were both.  I am especially proud of our second cd, Electrafried, a live effort which features Buddy Cage and Vassar Clements.

Stir Fried has gone through several lineup changes over the last 18 years, but the core of Johnny, Vince, Joanne and myself has always been highlighted by amazing drummers, bassist's, guitarists and keyboardist's  Our current lineup has the magic, and I can't wait to see where we go with more live gigs under our belt.  It's been a long weird trip, but has always satisfied my musical jones.  Hope it's as much fun to listen to as it is to play.