STIR FRIED is the brain-child of singer/songwriter/guitarist Johnny Markowski. The son of the brilliant writer, producer and recording artist Thomas Jefferson (Tommy) Kaye, Johnny boasts a strong musical pedigree. Clearly blessed with the talents of his father, Markowski with STIR FRIED is poised to claim his rock 'n roll birthright.
Here's the line-up of the new Band:
Pedal Steel
Guitar, Vocals
& Songwriting

For Immediate Release,
Stir Fried is an original band based in New Jersey/New York. They have been together for nearly twenty years performing their blend of swamp groove, psychedelic improvisation, and hook laden visual songs.Originally formed around the songwriting talents of founding member John Markowski, whose father, Thomas Jefferson Kaye, was a legendary producer and songwriter in the 1960's and 70's. This band has always played signature versions of several Kaye masterpieces, alongside brilliant Markowski originals. John Markowski on rhythm guitar/song writing and vocals, Jan London on guitars, and Vince Lorenzo on percussion with long time member Joanne Lediger shines on vocals. The band is joined with their dear friend Mr. Buddy Cage on Pedal Steel Guitar, Rawn Randall on Bass, and Jimmy "Foot" Blackford on Drums.

Stir Fried has toured extensively across the US, building solid fan bases on both the east and west coasts. Many legendary musicians have gravitated towards Stir Fried's original yet old school sound. The band has recorded and performed with the likes of Dr. John (keys), Vassar Clements (fiddle-Old & In The Way), Commander Cody (piano), Buddy Cage (pedal steel-NRPS), Jo Jo Herman (keys - Widespread Panic), Bernie Worrell (keys-P Funk, Talking Heads), Derek Trucks (guitar-Allman Bros. Band), Tony Trischka (banjo).

Come see the power of a seasoned band, at the height of their musical game.